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[Forums or websites]
Mango City
China outdoor info
World Timezone
World Clock
Lonely Planet
Interactive Current Table

Google Gap
Google Earth
Map, Transportation in China
Long map

via rail timetable - air
greyhound bus
Information on hotels in Vancouver - Vancouver - Grouse Mountain,the peak of Vancouver - Outdoor Vancouver - North Vancouver Outdoor Club
Tran-Canada Highway Trip and Vacation Planner
Registeration of Canadians Abroad

[USA] - Visa Appointment Reservation System for USA visa - US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions The consulate General of USA, Vancouver office

Budget flight in Europe - Which budget - expensive

Train in Europe

Train timetable in Europe

Maps in Europe

[Shenzhen] - Shenzhen Weather - HK Weather - Division of exit-entry administration of shenzhen Public security bureau - shenzhen carting

[Travel Writer] - Travel Writers - Travel Writer - Travel Writer

Round The World - Round-The-World Travel Guide - Paul's travel

Photography - Camera Union - Bresson - Bresson

Music - Lyrics - China MP3 - 9 Sky - Kugoo - Enya - Enya - Xuwei's music friends - Xuwei - Celine Dion(Canadian) - Byan Adams(Canadian) - John Denver(American)

[Jazz] - Michael Buble(Canadian) - Diana Krall(Canadian) - Leslie Feist(Canadian) - Holly Cole(Canadian) - Norah Jones (American)
Madeleine Peyroux(French American)

[Folk] - Allan Taylor

Radio Locator
Radio Canada
Radio Canada International


Popular movie review site - American serials for downloading and communications - BT@CHINA - BT:6feeling - News Fan - Old Heaven


CNN News
ABC News
USA today

Literature - Paule Coelho - The bestselling author Dan Brown - Zhang ailing - Wang xiaobo - Wangshuo - Wangshuo


Collins Language
Merrian-Webster online


Indeed: One Search, All Jobs
Workopolis - The biggest job hunting website in Canada
T-NET - High tech jobs in BC
Tech Jobs in Vancouver
Craig's List in Vancouver/ - Vancouver,BC classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services,comm
Vanjobs - Hi-Tech jobs in vancouver

Service Canada
Immigrant Services Society of BC - Vancouver Career Center
MOSAIC - Services for Immigrants
Lower Mainland Empolyment Resources
Training Innovations
Landell and Associates Consulting - Professional/Technical Job Finding Club
Canadian Career Moves - Located in Surrey

Hitech BC Links
CNC Global - Recruitment Services
Corporate Recruiters Ltd
Man Power
TechVibes - Vancouver Technology Community
Vancouver Technology User Group
T-Net: Events
BCITA | Events List
CanadaIT - Thousands of IT jobs postings, industry information and resource links
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
Telecommunications Workers Union
Canada West Telecom Group
Win BC - Wireless Innovation Network
New Media BC
David Aplin Recruiting
BC's career search, employment&job posting site
Job Bank Canada
Job search for Technology Professionals
P3 Resources
Canada's Job Bank for job seekers
Canadian Careers - How to find a job in Canada
NOC - The NOC 2001 web site contains the classification structure and descriptions of 520 occupational unit groups and includes over 30,000 occupational titles.
Work Futures - Work Futures provides a comprehensive description of close to 200 occupations as they relate directly to the BC labour market.Here you will also find links to BC Work Futures for Trades and Technical Occupations which includes 111 profiles of trade and technical occupations.
Canadian Business Database - A database of companies in Companies in Canada with business and ocntact information.
Career Edge - Canada's Intership Organization

Colleges and universities:

Some consulting companies:
Monster Salary Center - Monster Canada is one of the few websites with Canadian content.Clients can even get salary information for Vancouver. Be sure to read the job description that correlates with the salary.
Salary Survey Data Salary Links from Vancouver Public Library
Software Contractor's Guild - An organization of Software Contractors and Consultants worldwide.

China Job Online
The leading work in China site on the net


[C] - Resource of C and C++ programming - The C programming language(2nd edition) - Dennis Ritchie Home Page - Brian Kernighan Home Page
Organization of the C Language Reference by MSDN
C FAQ Lite

Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage - The creator of C++
A catalog of C++ links from Forschungszentrum Julich - C/C++ Users Journal - C++ Programming In Good Quality - MSDN - C/C++ Reference
C++ Resources Networks - history and development of C++ as well as tutorials,documentation,reference material,source code and forums. - STL Port - Boost C++ Libraries - Introduction to STL
The Artima Developer Community
C++ FAQ Lite
C++ Programming Resource Center
C++ Game Programming
C++ Boost Libraries
The Deitel&Deitel Cyber Classroom
IT/Developer Network

Java Tutorials
C++/Java consulting
Vancouver Java Users Group - VANJUG


[Algorithms and Data Structure] - The Art of computer programming - Donald E. Knuth - Introduction to Algorithms

Compiler Tools

[Software development] - GNU - Code Guru - Richard Stallman's Personal Page - ARM - Tech Interviews
Embedded Systems Design - Pattern Library - Hou jie - Developer
The Apache HTTP server

[UNIX & Linux] - Linux forum
The Linux Kernel Archives

[Software forums] - Code Guru - Chinese IT forum - IPv6 Forum, Driving IPv6 deployment

[Users Group]
Vancouver Tech&Media Groups & Organizations
Vancouver C++ Users Group
Northwest C++ Users Group
Usernet:The object-oriented C++ language
Usernet:Technical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)

[Software journal]

[USB] - USB official website
Driver Programming Links
CATC - Power Tools for Bus Analysis - DDK
KEIL-Embedded Development Tools
USB,Device Driver Development,product Design - USB Driver Development - USB product news and information - ANCHORCHIPS - ScanLogic
Device Driver Development Books - Intel 8x930&8x931 USB Peripheral Controllers

USB Information - The latest products and information - USB for linux
USB.ORG - Organization of USB Standards - USB Technology and Marketing Report

USB Manufacturers
Atmel - Chip manufacturer
Cypress - Chip manufacturer
FCI/Berg - Manufacturer of USB PlusPower connectors
Lucent Technology - Chip manufacturer
Motorola - Chip manufacturer
National Semiconductor - Chip manufacturer
Netchip - Chip manufacturer
Phillips Semiconductor USB - Chip manufacturer

USB Development
Apple USB Development - Manufacturer's site - USB for linux
Microsoft Development - Microsoft's USB development site

USB Products - The latest products and information
Apple USB - Apple products - USB products - USB products - Info, products, reviews, drivers

Cellphone - Mobile Development Technical Columns in Chinese - Mobile Development in Chinse - You net
Open Handset allance

Wireless and Telecommunications - GSM Association's Web site, the association behind the GSM specifications worldwide. More information on GSM technology and future development in North and South America - UMTS forum - the European Telecommunications Standards Institute , an organization that produces European telecommunications standards - CDMA Development Group Qualcomm, the licensor of CDMA technology

New Technology - Bluetooth - ZigBee Alliance - WI-FI Alliance - UWB forum - Software Defined Radio


Languist List


CBC Radio 1
Tower of confusion
Tower of confusion 2
English HK Accent
Grammer Girl
Lingual Bee
Learn English online
The Linguist - Learn English, Learn Languages online
Sozo Exchange-Video English Lessons
Voice of America
Yangyang English
IDEA - International Debate Education Association
English as Second Language Podcast
ESL Resources
ESL Activities for Kids
ESL,English grammar exercises
ESL teacher resources, Job boards
ESL resources for Teachers and Students
Debate Resources and Debate tools
CBC Owatta ESL
RCI Radio Canada International
CBC Ottawa ESL



The World Taekwondo Federation
Taekwondo Canada
Chen Taekwondo Fitness Club


Auto Web
Buy and Sell
Auto Trader
Co-operative Auto Network
Car Sharing
Collision/Loss Damage Insurance
Co-op booking system

Immigration - ccpe - refercece


[Organizations] - Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Government of Canada Site - Province of British Bolumbia - Service Canada - Immigrant Services Society of BC(ISS) - MOSAIC - Canada Business - Small Business BC - Corporate and Personal Property Registries
Ministry of Labour and Citizen's Services, Employment Standards Health Insurance BC - MSP
Canada Revenue Agency
The Red Book - the most complte online guide to community, social and government agencies and services across the Lower Mainland.
BC Manufacturers' Directory - This directory lists 4300 manufacturing companies in 257 industries. It puts 550 pages of cross-referenced informaiton at your fingertips.
UBCM Directory - This site will lead you to city, municipality or regional sites where you can click on the link of your choice to access names,titles and contact information of city and specific department empolyees.
China consulate in Vancouver

[Driving License] - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia - BC pratice driving test - Ministry of Transportation - Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General - Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles - ICBC - Driver Training & Assessment Standards - STIBC

Buy and Sell

[Home] - Bell Canada - Address Change Service
BC Hydro - Power Smart

[Rental] - Vancouver BC Apartment House Condo Townhouse...Rental - BC Apartment home rental guide for rental homes, rental town homes,rental condos - Real estate listings,homes for sales, open houses for Vancouver BC - The greater Vancouver transporation authority - Buy Sell New and Used Cars

[life] - Canadian White Pages and Yellow Pages - White Pages and Yellow Pages - Canadian news,entertainment,television,newspapers,free email and more - Canadian Musician - Much music - CBC - Toronto Film Festival
Yahoo Canada Search - Vancouver Sky (Chinese Forum) - SUCCESS BC - BC's community-based trainers, IMMpowerBC features
Air Miles

[Tax Return]
H&R Block Tax services
Studio Tax - Free Software for tax return

Douglas College
Working solutions for skilled immigrants - Education Planner - Government of Canada Publications
Surrey Public Library
BCIT - British Columbia Institute of Technology - High-Tech Professional Programs,BCIT - UBC - UBC Bookstore
Bookstores in BC - Vancouver Community College - The license to Engineer - The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC - Making effective communication A worldwide reality
Futureworks Toastmasters for Techies - Toastmasters in BC - Surrey Communcation Services

[Volunteer] - Volunteer Canada - Volunteer online - Volunteer Vancouver - Volunteer Burnany

Export - FOB business Forum - Alibaba - Global Sources - Trade Key

Banking - CMB China


[Christian TV via satellite and their internet sites] - God TV - Trinity Broadcasting network


China DNS
Card Show
DangDang Bookstore
Tianya Club
Look for a house in Shenzhen
Social Insurance of Shenzhen - Broadcast yourself
Relationships Matter
Links in Chinese